Industry Solutions

Looking for a customer relationship management system that works for your business AND your industry? CodeBlue Geeks has been providing Salesforce customers with specific industry solutions for years. We understand industry processes, procedures, and requirements:

  • Salesforce for Manufacturing
  • Salesforce for Insurance
  • Salesforce for Professional Services
  • Salesforce for Financial Services

Why does my CRM need to be customized to my industry?

Having your customer relationship management software customized to fit your industry ensures that you’re fully utilizing all your CRM has to offer.

For example, if your industry requires a lot of file sharing, you will want to customize Chatter to optimize that sharing process.  If your industry is heavily dependent on up-selling and return customer purchases, you will want to customize the Sales Cloud to quickly and easily send emails to existing customers.

How CodeBlue Geeks can help

CodeBlue Geeks has developed industry specific products, configurations and implementation services that drive innovation, collaboration and new insights.  Our industry expertise coupled with the time we take to learn the day-to-day of your business has allowed us to help countless clients with a solution that works for them.